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IMPORTANT: The Lab Connectivity Test Requires JavaScript to Be Enabled

Please Enable JavaScript in Your Web Browser


In order to ensure that you have proper access to the hands-on lab environments, you must complete the Hortonworks University Lab Connectivity Test. However, to complete the test, you must first enable JavaScript in your browser. Please complete the following steps to enable JavaScript: 

Enable JavaScript In Your Browswer (Google Chrome Recommended)

  • Google Chrome: Go to Menu > Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Content Settings > JavaScript, then toggle JavaScript to Allowed
  • Mozilla FireFox: Launch FireFox, then in the address bar, type about:config . A new page will appear, click on "I Accept The Risk". Search for javascript.enabled, and click it to set the value to true.
  • Apple Safari: Click on the Safari Menu, then the Security tab. In the Web content section, click the checkbox next to Enable JavaScript.


Run The Lab Connectivity Test

After you have completed the steps above to enable JavasScript in your browser, click the button below to run the Hortonworks University Lab Connectivity Test:

Click to Run the Lab Connectivity Test